Why Use Rich Content?

360-degree photography and 3D models are both proven, effective ways to enhance the product visualization experience and increase consumer purchasing confidence. Depending on your goals, there are multiple uses and benefits when considering the powerful combination of 360 degree photography and 3D models. Snap36 and 3XR are here to provide a valuable and scalable solution that addresses all your product content needs.

For more information, read our blog post: Improve the Customer’s Shopping Experience with 360-Degree Photography and 3D Models

More on 3XR

Transform your online storefront into an immersive, engaging 3D experience. 3XR digitizes product catalogs with augmented reality enabled 3D models and is applicable across 1 billion devices:

  • Mobile: view products in your space with no app necessary
  • Desktop: interactive 360 degree web viewer on any browser
Using AR, eCommerce retailers have seen a sales conversion increase of more than 20%!

3XR assets are flexible; one 3XR asset can be used for:
  • AR experiences
  • Interactive web viewing
  • Photorealistic product renderings